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The second edition of the French XPDay took place in Paris on the 2nd and 3rd of lat may. For this second edition we – some friends, each of them members of my first XP team, and me – did several presentations.

Once again I ran several sessions with some friends from my first XP team.

The first one with Dominic Williams and Virgile Delecolle was about
multiple client issues. This workshop was a planning game simulation where 8 ‘clients’ tried to define, with the help of a coach, all stories needed to start a project. To be close to the real world, the project was a
remote pair programming tool.

The second day of the conference started with a presentation about pair
programming by Jacques Couvreur and myself. Nothing to say about this
expect that you can download slides here: Pair Programming XPDay 2007 (132).

And, our last session with Dominic again was a presentation of TDD step by
step using Erlang (and ExtremeForge of course).

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