Posted on Wednesday, 15th August 2007 by charpi

Side of selenium core project, I discovered selenium remonte control, aka selenium-rc. This is a test tool which allows you to test your web site into several browser. The most interesting is that you’ll be able to write your test suites in any language you want (at least, for the moment in Java, .NET, Perl, Python and Ruby).
How does it work ? 3 components are involved in testing with selenium-rc:

  • – Web browsers in which your web pages will be displayed throught selenium-core library
  • – The Selenium server will communicate with your browsers to simulate user actions
  • – Test scripts will send commands to the selenium server and retreive results. Thoses results will be asserted. The protocol of communication is an HTTP based protocol.

Even if its seem really good, this tool lacks a very important thing : an erlang binding!!!. After a quick look at the protocol, I think that it would be very easy to implement an erlang version of the library.

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