Posted on Sunday, 19th October 2008 by charpi

I worked on erl_mock in order to publish my spike around mocks in
erlang. When I was almost ready to make the package, something interesting happened: my tests failed.

More precisely, they failed when run by the ‘future’ version of extremeforge.
After the first surprise, I find the reason. Extremeforge use 2 nodes,
the first one will find, order tests then send all code on the second
node in order to be run. Like this, extremeforge keeps the first node
totally safe if for some reasons a test module (or applicative module)
gets wrong.

As my library intends to load, unload dynamically modules the test
node is lost because it can’t find the beam files.

Conclusion: Don’t use mock, :-)

Anyway I’ll publish my library soon

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