Posted on Saturday, 29th November 2008 by charpi

Looking for some emacs hacks, I re-discovered Sacha Chua’s blog.
This blog contains some nice emacs hacks (like how to blog
from emacs) but also a lot of posts about GenY and social networking.
I let you learn more about her and her job by reading her blog but
one of her talk (Networking 2.0, blogging your way out of a job and into a career)
lets me realize that I’m not blogging enough.
More precisely that I don’t pay enough attention to my social
network. Even if I know that it is important, I didn’t made the
effort to expand it and give it a real value.
In consequence my first decision is to really use this blog to share my thoughts and
my skills. The first expected velocity is at least one article/post per week.
I hope the GTD method will help me to succeed to keep the rythm.

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