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Your company wants to make money as fast as possible. To make money,
it needs strong and competitive teams. Your team is competitive,
someone (probably some manager who don’t know you) asks it to perform
more tasks and – normally – gives you complementary means called in
another world people or resources.

Well, now that you have more men, how can you give to your boss what
he wants: more productivity ? How can you keep the competitiveness of
your team with all those “newbies” on your project ?

In the ancient age, your ancesters had a solution to integrate new
employes in teams. The first thing that the employe had to do – of
course after having filled out all administrative stuff to have access to
the car park, an e-mail account and other important things like that -
was to convert him-self to the project religion. All precepts of
this religion was wroten in holy papers that everybody called
documentation. After, and only after that the newbie known entirely
the documentation, the project chief (leader isn’t the right term)
assigns him a technical feature to test his capabilities. The feature
has to be not too risky otherwise the entire project might been

In the ancient age, employes spent weeks, sometimes monthes before to
give value to his boss. Due to moderns economics constraints with situation isn’t suitable anymore.

Try to think about an agile world where all companies will be
eXtreme companies. To produces money, they know that the most
important thing in the process is MEN. People make you
win or loose money. To be sure to win money, you must ensure to build
sort of team spirit where everyone is
optimized for the process. In the new world, the question
became how to optimize the way my teams work together ?

In an agile team, documentation is almost only oral so the first
step of the traditional integration will be very short. As a
replacement, we can imagine a special meeting where the whole
team could present the project (features, design) to the
newbie. This kind of meetings are great, but not essential to make
people productive for the day after.

Some agile teams use PairProgramming. Integrating the
newbie in a pair rotation, he’ll be able to talk to each other member
of the team, to share things with them. This point is the answer to
the human integration, but we was talking about money. His
productivity will increase as fast as pairs switch. At each task, he
will discover a new part of the application and his technical skills
will be improved. With a better knowledge of the system, he will be
confident enough to be active in the team life (estimation, design

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