Posted on Saturday, 24th January 2009 by charpi

Since a couple of weeks, I was working on building erlang project with
rake, and a draft was available for download on my download page.
During the last Erlounge which held in Paris last week, I had the
surprise that one of the participant (Cstar) was using it.
Since that day, it published his work on Git-Hub.

At the end of the Erlounge, I decided to continue to work on tasks and publish them on
git-hub but he did it before me.
Anyway, you can find my work at erl_rake

Since my previous post, here are the enhancements:

  • Refactoring to be closer to the rake model
  • Unit tests tasks
  • Start a “developer” node
  • Emakefile support

The last point is interesting. In fact, it seems faster to use an Emakefile to compile your source code
than call erlc for each of them. Of course, you can build then in parallel using “make -j” or a multitask rake
but it seems that on my dual-core Emakefile is still faster in comparison to “make -j”.

Rake tasks are still a work in progress. The things that will be done during the next weeks will be:

  • Mibs compilation
  • Complete initial target system creation
  • Release upgrade build

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